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630mAh Black

630mAh, 2.3 Wh - Replacement for Sony Cyber-Shot Dsc-tx9r Battery

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Sony Cyber-Shot Dsc-tx9r Battery - Li-ion 630mAh 3.6V Battery For The Sony Sony cyber-shot dsc-j20/ Sony cyber-shot dsc-t110/ Sony cyber-shot dsc-t110d/ Laptop.

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Batteries Technology
Brand : Sony
Type : Li-ion
Volt : 3.6 V
Capacity : 630 mAh
Color : Black
Rate : 2.3 Wh
Weight : 14.21g
Dimension : 41.10 * 35.50 * 5.0mm

Product Detail

Sony Cyber-Shot Dsc-tx9r Battery - 2.3 Wh, 3.6V, 630mAh replacement battery for sony cyber-shot dsc-tx9r meets and exceeds the OEM specifications at the lowest price. If you need a cost-effective Sony Cyber-Shot Dsc-tx9r battery for use with the sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX9R/Cyber-shot DSC-W310/Cyber-shot DSC-W310B Notebook , Our sony cyber-shot dsc-tx9r battery is your best choice.

Brand: sony.

Life: 350-650 full charge|discharge times.

Solution: Made from li-ion battery cell.

Feature: High capacity, rechargeable, No memory effect with li-thium sony cyber-shot dsc-tx9r battery.

Condition: Brand new, Replacement sony cyber-shot dsc-tx9r Battery , 100% compatible with the OEM battery.

Certification: CE, ISO9001, ISO9002, UL, ROHS.


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Fit Laptop Models:

Sony Models:

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Battery Tips

1. When you first get the sony cyber-shot dsc-tx9r battery, run the Canon DM-MV100Xi battery through at least 3 full charge/discharge cycles before putting it into ordinary service. This will help obtain maximum capacity of the battery

2. Do not pierce, hit, step on, crush or abuse the battery as this may result in the explosion.

3. Do not expose the sony cyber-shot dsc-tx9r battery in water or other moist matters that can shorten the life of battery.

4. Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents or strong detegents to clean the digital camera batteries.

5. Remove sony cyber-shot dsc-tx9r battery from camera if you are not going to use it.

6. Keep the battery away from fire or other sources of extreme high temperature, as it may cause an explosion.

7. Do not attempt to modify or disassemble the sony cyber-shot dsc-tx9r battery.

8. Do not charged to higher voltages than battery threshold voltage, as it would become unsafe.

9. Use this equation to calculate the charging time: Charging time ( Hour ) = 1.2 ~ 1.4 x (Battery capacity (mAh)/Output current in charger (mA)

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